“He’s Doing a Public Service by Blasting This Song.”

One of my regular forms of morning commute entertainment is the podcast of Tony Kornheiser’s morning radio show on the ESPN affiliate in Washington, D.C.

The show leads in to each segment with a bit of music; usually an older song, and often one that carries some significance on that day (last week, to honor the anniversary of Let It Be‘s release, they led every segment with a song from the album). Since the podcast is on a delay and usually comes two days after the show aired live, the show I listened to this morning (Wednesday) honored the release of Marvin Gaye’s brilliant What’s Going On, whose 41st anniversary was Monday. 

I love when the show plays songs I enjoy and/or am familiar with – Let It Be, for example – but this morning, I was treated to more than just a favorite tune. The song came with some accompanying commentary from Mr. Tony, which not only referenced Marvin Gaye’s excellence and included some typical “get off my lawn” snark from Kornheiser, but mentioned Tina Fey as well! The trifecta of my obsessions. It doesn’t take much to make my commute more exciting.

I’ve already ruined this by writing too much about it, but whatever. Here’s what made my day this morning. (For full effect, I recommend listening to What’s Going On while reading the quote.)

“Forty-one years ago today, the Marvin Gaye album, What’s Going On, was released, and before we get into the sports aspect of the show, I want to tell you this. I was driving here this morning. I’m driving here and I’m going north on Rockville Pike. And I’m stopped at a light by that, um, Metro Station, is it Marinelli Road, where the driving range used to be?…And there’s a guy in a Toyota with 300,000 miles on it next to me. I mean, it’s like from the mid-90s. Toyota Camry. And he is playing this song, through closed windows, so loud that you can hear it on the moon. So loud. I’m trying to listen to the reading of Bossypants by Tina Fey in my car! I’m drowned out in my own car. So I just turn it off. I turn off mine.

And that’s what I want to say. This is like, this guy is so lucky. ‘Cause I really like this song. He’s doing a public service by blasting this song. But he could have blasted something truly terrible, and there should be…people like that, people who blast their music, honestly, they should be ticketed….You know. Close the windows and keep the music to yourself.”

Not sure what I love more: That he’s calling the act of blasting Marvin Gaye songs in a car “a public service,” or that he was irritated about the music because it drowned out his Bossypants audiobook.

To hear the rant in its full glory, the TK Show podcast is here (May 20, 2013; Hour 1.)

*I think he’s on to something with the ticketing for loud music, though. The NYC subway system could become a much more pleasant place. Do people even know what headphones are for?

At Least One “Late Night” Host Survives LA

Did you watch the Emmys?

What was your favorite part? Did one of your favorite actors or shows take home an award? What did you think of Jimmy Fallon as host? (His homage to Conan O’Brien made me laugh: “NBC asking the host of ‘Late Night’ to come to Los Angeles and host another show. What could possibly go wrong?”)

Jane Lynch as Sue Sylvester, wearing her signature track suit.

I loved comedian John Hodgman’s (“The PC” from the Mac ads) little voiceovers that played while winners walked to the stage. Rather than the typical, “this is so-and-so’s eighth nomination and fifth win,” he added some background about the person that was informative and often hilarious.

My two favorites:

For Jane Lynch, who won Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for her role as cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester on Glee: “Jane Lynch’s character on Glee has created over 62,000 jobs in the polyester track suit industry.”

For Jim Parsons, who won Best Actor in a Comedy Series for his role as the nerdy Sheldon on Big Bang Theory: “As Jim Parsons walks to the stage now, nerds across America are taking to the streets in joy.” (There was also something about nerds and inhalers, which was hilarious, but I couldn’t catch it.)

The evening’s great triumph was this song-and-dance video that opened the show:

It’s unfortunate that the talentless Kate Gosselin was allowed to star alongside legitimate celebrities like Tina Fey and Jane Lynch, but the number was inspired. (And even though I don’t watch Project Runway, I loved Tim Gunn’s cameo.)

So, what did you think of this year’s awards? And who else got excited when Jane Krakowski talked about the live episode of 30 Rock that will air on October 14th? Let me know!

(And if you didn’t watch, you can read this recap from TIME magazine’s TV critic, James Poniewozik. Since his writing is fantastic and he once replied to one of my tweets, I feel obligated to share his Emmys wrap-up.)

It Pays to Embrace the Moment

Nearly every time I’ve talked to my dad on the phone since I’ve been in New York, he’s told me one thing: “Embrace it.”

I am not great at savoring the moment. School and/or work tend to consume me. My thought process is, I don’t have time to have fun. I’ve got to get this assignment done, or start this project, or look over this paper.

But, since I get to spend ten weeks living in New York City, I must get better at embracing the moment. Ten weeks will be over before I know it and I’ve got to take advantage of every opportunity.

If I do say so myself, I did a pretty good job of embracing the moment this weekend. While I planned to go for a walk and read a book in Central Park, I abandoned that plan when I walked by Radio City Music Hall and decided to stand in the rain and watch celebrities enter the Tony Awards on the red carpet.

The show started at 8 pm, but by 4 pm there was already quite a crowd lined up across the street from Radio City, waiting for their chance to see the stars. Since it was pouring at this point, I abandoned my hopes of a nice walk, bought a pretzel (I may be enjoying myself, but I never said I was gourmet) and joined the citizen paparazzi.

I’m not going to say it was the greatest moment of my life, although it might have been if Tina Fey had been there, but it was pretty dang cool. I got to see Denzel Washington, Helen Mirren, Will Smith, Cate Blanchett, all the members of Green Day, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Christopher Walken, Angela Lansbury, Stanley Tucci and several others. (And it took some willpower to keep from yelling, “Yes, THE Bruce Dickinson!” when Christopher Walken passed us.)

Since my camera was going a bit crazy, it was easier for me to take video of those on the red carpet than it was for me to take still photos. For your enjoyment:

Hopefully, I’ll have more chances to change my plans and embrace the moment this summer. It probably won’t lead to me seeing a bunch of celebrities walk right by, but who knows?

Have you ever had a similar experience? Have you ever suddenly “embraced the moment” and have it pay off in ways that were really beneficial for you, or just really fun?