A Quick Thank You

Thank you to WordPress.com for featuring my post from yesterday on their homepage’s “Freshly Pressed” section, where they highlight the best of WordPress.com that day.

I have no idea who at WordPress scours posts, looking for what to feature on “Freshly Pressed,” but whoever you are – I appreciate it. It was pretty sweet to see my little blog up there.

Thank you so much for reading, and have a happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend. More will come on The Opinion Paige next week; I just can’t promise that it’ll include Admiral Ackbar.

Sidney’s Shot and Ole Miss’ Mascot

While most other college students have returned to campus, I’m still basking in the glory days of summer because classes at the University of Oregon don’t begin until the last week of September.

So, what am I doing with this free time? Aside from working and attempting to clean my room, I’m soaking up all the sports knowledge I could ever want.

With a little extra time on my hands, I’m inviting SportsCenter into my room (because after 19 years of being uncool, I finally have a TV in my bedroom), listening to Portland sports talk radio in the car and actually reading the Oregonian sports page.

I’m not complaining; I choose to inundate myself with all this sports info. And since I’ve consumed unhealthy amounts of sports coverage in the past few days, I feel qualified to present the two greatest sports videos (non-game footage) of this week.

Number One: Hockey player Sidney Crosby’s 360-foot shot during batting practice at Pittsburgh’s PNC Park

Watch the whole thing; it’s only a minute long, and you’ll see the homer and hear Crosby’s fantastic Canadian accent.

Crosby, who plays for the NHL’s Pittsburgh Penguins, might be better known as The Only Active NHL Player the Average American Has Heard Of, but in this video he makes a case for being The Only Really Compelling Pittsburgh Pirates Storyline of 2010.

This is apparently newsworthy enough to receive coverage on the Penguins’ website.

It’s too bad there is overlap between the NHL and MLB seasons. Otherwise, Sid the Kid should consider donning a Pirates uni and turning the team around – a World Series trophy would complement the Stanley Cup nicely, don’t you think?

Number Two: ESPN’s Ole Miss Star Wars Commercial: Students Campaign for the Admiral Ackbar Mascot

Even if you don’t know Star Wars, you have to get behind this. The Ole Miss student who started this campaign should be guaranteed straight A’s for the rest of his college career.

When you bring together fan bases as passionate as those for college football and Star Wars, magical things have to happen. The ad was even covered on AdFreak, an AdWeek blog.

Did any other sports videos catch your eye this week? I’d welcome your thoughts on Sidney Crosby at the plate and/or Ole Miss’ potential mascot. And since I’m now a sports news addict, feel free to pass along any other interesting finds you may have.