Musicals are Fun!

A couple months ago, I watched a trailer for an upcoming film adaptation of The Last Five Years, a popular Off-Broadway musical. I had never heard of the show but was taken by the music, particularly snippet of one song, “The Summer in Ohio.” The few lines featured in the trailer stayed in my head, and I indulged in the whole song once the soundtrack was released.

I watched the full movie tonight (I rented on iTunes but it’s also showing at some theaters), and looooooved it. Given my previous life as a small-time community theater kid, I’m a sucker for a good musical, and I’ve really been craving that kind of music this winter; I’ve caught myself nearly singing “Hello Twelve, Hello Thirteen, Hello Love” aloud more times than is probably healthy. Maybe, subconsciously, I’m using song-and-dance numbers as a way to cope with this brutal cold. They put you in an undeniably good mood.

Whatever the case, I’m loving musicals right now, and I devoured The Last Five Years. I can’t compare the film to the stage version, but all 90 minutes of the movie were entertaining, and I’m not sure what more you could ask for.

Really, it’s all about Anna Kendrick. She’s incredible. I know nothing intricate about music and can’t say anything articulate about why she’s so great in this, but I just love her voice (“On the Steps of the Palace” from Into the Woods has also gotten a lot of play in my world this season) and I think she’s an incredible performer. The music in this movie is fantastic, and Jeremy Jordan makes for a great co-star, but Anna Kendrick’s performance is the heart of it all.

anna kendrick1 anna kendrick2 anna kendrick3

So as winter wears on, if you see me roaming the streets of New York with my headphones in, maybe mouthing the words, maybe letting a few sounds pass my lips…I’m just trying to memorize The Last Five Years‘ soundtrack.

*Fabulous gifs from Tumblr.

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