“He’s Doing a Public Service by Blasting This Song.”

One of my regular forms of morning commute entertainment is the podcast of Tony Kornheiser’s morning radio show on the ESPN affiliate in Washington, D.C.

The show leads in to each segment with a bit of music; usually an older song, and often one that carries some significance on that day (last week, to honor the anniversary of Let It Be‘s release, they led every segment with a song from the album). Since the podcast is on a delay and usually comes two days after the show aired live, the show I listened to this morning (Wednesday) honored the release of Marvin Gaye’s brilliant What’s Going On, whose 41st anniversary was Monday. 

I love when the show plays songs I enjoy and/or am familiar with – Let It Be, for example – but this morning, I was treated to more than just a favorite tune. The song came with some accompanying commentary from Mr. Tony, which not only referenced Marvin Gaye’s excellence and included some typical “get off my lawn” snark from Kornheiser, but mentioned Tina Fey as well! The trifecta of my obsessions. It doesn’t take much to make my commute more exciting.

I’ve already ruined this by writing too much about it, but whatever. Here’s what made my day this morning. (For full effect, I recommend listening to What’s Going On while reading the quote.)

“Forty-one years ago today, the Marvin Gaye album, What’s Going On, was released, and before we get into the sports aspect of the show, I want to tell you this. I was driving here this morning. I’m driving here and I’m going north on Rockville Pike. And I’m stopped at a light by that, um, Metro Station, is it Marinelli Road, where the driving range used to be?…And there’s a guy in a Toyota with 300,000 miles on it next to me. I mean, it’s like from the mid-90s. Toyota Camry. And he is playing this song, through closed windows, so loud that you can hear it on the moon. So loud. I’m trying to listen to the reading of Bossypants by Tina Fey in my car! I’m drowned out in my own car. So I just turn it off. I turn off mine.

And that’s what I want to say. This is like, this guy is so lucky. ‘Cause I really like this song. He’s doing a public service by blasting this song. But he could have blasted something truly terrible, and there should be…people like that, people who blast their music, honestly, they should be ticketed….You know. Close the windows and keep the music to yourself.”

Not sure what I love more: That he’s calling the act of blasting Marvin Gaye songs in a car “a public service,” or that he was irritated about the music because it drowned out his Bossypants audiobook.

To hear the rant in its full glory, the TK Show podcast is here (May 20, 2013; Hour 1.)

*I think he’s on to something with the ticketing for loud music, though. The NYC subway system could become a much more pleasant place. Do people even know what headphones are for?

2 thoughts on ““He’s Doing a Public Service by Blasting This Song.”

  1. Ian Casselberry says:

    It’s so great to see someone else expressing affection for The TK Show. I often feel like I listen to that show in a vacuum, like it’s my own personal delight. Of course, I remember that excerpt from the show. The recap made me smile.

    • Paige Landsem says:

      Thanks for reading, and know you’re never alone in the TK universe. I’ve watched PTI forever but can’t even remember what led me to the radio show a few years ago. I always want to send them an email detailing my commute or what I’m eating for lunch, but I’m always nervous it won’t be clever enough.

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