Back in Autzen: A Few Photos from Oregon-Nevada

There is something so special about witnessing a game in Autzen Stadium. I know every college football fan feels this way about his or her team’s home stadium; for me, that’s Autzen, so the gameday traditions and experience are something I treasure. From crossing the Willamette River on the Autzen Footbridge to joining Don Essig in a rousing chant of “It never rains in Autzen Stadium,” I love it all. Especially after last week’s tough loss, it was nice to be back in the friendly Autzen atmosphere and see the Ducks beat Nevada, 69-20.

Sidenote: Darron Thomas connected with De’Anthony Thomas for a couple of touchdown passes this afternoon, and Don Essig’s call was “Thomas to Thomas for the touchdown.” Love that alliteration. It’s my new phrase for the season.

I’m no photographer (plus these are all from my iPhone), but here are a few of my favorite pictures from the day. Go Ducks!

Duck fans make their way across the Autzen Footbridge en route to the stadium. Especially on sunny days like today, this is one of my favorite pre-game scenes..

Our first sight of the stadium.

Obligatory "we made it into the game!" picture with my friends Katy and Alicia. Student tickets are linked to your student ID card (we don't get a paper ticket), and even though we know we have tickets, we're always nervous that it won't scan correctly. This is after we breathed our sighs of relief.

Here's the view from our seats in the student section. The athletic department encouraged fans to wear yellow to this game. Given our past struggles with wearing one color, I'd say we did an O.K. job this afternoon. (Though I wasn't crazy about the players' yellow + gray combo.)

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