Saturday is for Hash Browns and Newspapers

Food lends itself well to fabulous photographs. If I was fabulous, this post would include a full photo montage of the terrific breakfasts I’ve been eating for the past three Saturdays. Alas, I am not fabulous. I do not own a camera besides my iPhone. But that won’t stop me from blogging about my new favorite thing: Saturday breakfasts.

For the past few weeks, my friends and I have started our Saturdays at a diner on the corner of 53rd & 1st. I don’t know that much about diners, but it seems like the quintessential New York breakfast joint: buzzing with the low hum of conversation as waiters shuttle gigantic plates of French toast and scrambled eggs and cups of coffee are shuttled from table to table.

French toast and coffee. Taken with Instagram to make me look cooler than I really am.

There are always a few people sitting alone, eating their breakfast and reading the paper. These people are my favorite. They are the picture of contentedness. Because, really, what better way is there to start the day than with hash browns and a newspaper? I have yet to read while eating, but I always pick up a copy of the Daily News on the way out and read it when I get home.

One of my friends at school always says, “The secret to happiness is a leisurely breakfast.” (That might not be the direct quote, but you get the idea.) These Saturday breakfasts are proof that she’s right. Just an hour at the diner with friends, food, coffee and people-watching. Can’t be beat.

In unrelated news, now I’m off to the gym.

One thought on “Saturday is for Hash Browns and Newspapers

  1. avonlady10 says:

    Lovely! You make me miss my old town diner in California. By the way, you should try breakfast and the newspaper. Speaking from experience, it is utter bliss.

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