(Almost) One Week Down and Loving It

So much has happened between my last post on Saturday and tonight that I don’t even know where to begin. Eugene, school and finals seem like an eternity ago, but I absolutely love this second go-round in NYC.

I arrived early Saturday morning after taking that trusty JetBlue redeye from PDX. Since I couldn’t get into my building until 8 a.m. (or at least, didn’t want to wake up the RAs before 8), I stopped at the Dunkin’ Donuts near baggage claim  (sorry for two parentheses in the same sentence, but I’m positive it’s the same one my dad and I stopped at when we arrived last summer) and sat for an hour with iced coffee and a copy of the New York Daily News.

On the cab ride into the city, I was pleasantly surprised to find that BOTH of my biggest celebrity crushes, Brian Williams and Jimmy Fallon, currently star in Taxi TV segments.

Sunday was for getting settled, meeting my roommates and timing the walk from my building to the Time-Life Building, where Sports Illustrated’s offices are housed. It takes roughly twenty minutes, not counting my ritual Starbucks stop.

Entrance to the Sports Illustrated office.

My internship began on Monday. I was led to my cubicle on the 33rd floor. On my desk when I arrived: MLB’s 2011 Media Guide (so, yeah, all you MLB beat reporters and PR people – I’m going to start following you on Twitter), a copy of the most recent SI (the Jim Tressel cover at the time), a new notebook, plenty of office supplies and several papers and packets detailing everything I’d need to know as a communications intern at Sports Illustrated. Awesome.

There are six full-time employees on the communications staff, and three interns including me.

My cube. This was taken before I added some pictures and Duck décor.

On Tuesday, I had the thrill of actually sending a tweet from the official Sports Illustrated Twitter account. (Side note – again, sorry for all of the parentheses – SI’s Twitter handle was recently changed from @SI_24Seven to @SInow.) It might not sound like a big deal, but having the chance to combine my passions for social media and sports was very exciting. Now, I’m crafting a few tweets each day to send out based on SI.com content and photos from SI’s Google Chrome app, Sports Illustrated Snapshot.

Speaking of snapshots: this is just a phone picture, but I took it from the room where our Time Inc. intern orientation was held on Monday. There's something very New York-ish about working across from Radio City Music Hall.

Every morning, I attend an SI.com editorial meeting. Most of the editors for SI.com’s departments – everything from MLB to boxing/MMA – meet for a quick rundown of what will appear on the site that day. It’s my job to listen for particular stories or features that would appeal to SI’s Twitter followers, and think of ways to uniquely position the content. We don’t want to just post story after story, but provide a new perspective and ask followers what they think. (And on a major nerd note, one of the hosts of a college football podcast I listen to is at those editorial meetings.)

From a PR standpoint, it’s not only fun to tweet, but also fascinating to see how each tweet is intentionally designed to spark some sort of conversation or plug a certain article on the site.

Other than tweeting, I’ve been spending a lot of time with a program called Critical Mention, which tracks mentions of Sports Illustrated on TV shows. I also track some statistics related to SI’s Twitter engagement and today, I put together an Excel spreadsheet filled with info about various golf blogs.

I’m only four days in, but each day has been busy, fulfilling and fun. Next on my agenda: get out and explore more of New York this weekend.

Since I’m feeling rather deprived of anything but sports news, what’s up in your world?

6 thoughts on “(Almost) One Week Down and Loving It

  1. Leadfoot - North Plains says:

    What’s going on…well, it got up to 70 today, but will be cooler over the weekend. It’s Fleet Week for the Rose Festival & Sam Adams’ Prius was rear-ended by a bicyclist. Same ol’, same ol’. Oh, the Beavs are playing Vanderbilt in the Super-Regional. But you probably knew that.

    • Paige Landsem says:

      Rear-ended by a bicyclist?! How is that possible? Bummer. Hope everyone (and the car) is okay.

      Also sorry to hear (legitimately) that the Beavs suffered a tough loss last night – not following super closely, but what’s up next for them? Are they done?

    • Paige Landsem says:

      Thanks, Jonathan. I feel parentheses make it easier to emphasize that something’s a side note, rather than an important part of the sentence. Obviously I’ve spent way too long analyzing that.

      But thanks for reading my blog – it is truly appreciated. I’m absolutely loving everything and hope to have some cool stories to share.

  2. Laura Groshong says:

    Good to hear that you are doing so well Paige! I especially like that “each day is busy, fulfilling and fun”. I am excited to experience NYC through you again this summer.

    • Paige Landsem says:


      Thanks so much for reading my blog. I’m glad you enjoy it! Hopefully I’ll have more stories to share throughout the summer. 🙂


      P.S. – It was great seeing you last week at Athey – I’m sure I’ll run into you guys again later this summer!

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