Where Are All the Grammar Nerds?

Maybe it’s because I’m the daughter of an English teacher, but I’ve always been a bit of a grammar snob. I’m not above correcting people (“No, Dad. Your meeting went ‘well,’ not ‘good.’”) and I’m ashamed to admit that I sometimes judge people if they don’t use the correct form of your/you’re.

I’m certainly not above typos (at my internship this summer, I sent a thank-you email to someone pretty high up in the company who had taken me out for “coffe”), but like most people, I try to write well.

This year, I get to put my grammar obsession to good use as the Editorial Services Director at Allen Hall Public Relations (AHPR), my school’s student-run public relations firm.

Basically, this means I’ll be editing and reviewing most of the agency’s work for grammar and style.

Since this is a relatively new position at our agency, I want to have a little fun with it and position my role to be a writing and grammar resource, not simply “that person who edits all our stuff.”

Right now, I’m thinking about starting a blog – maybe something more informal, like a Posterous blog or a Tumblr – that could be updated periodically with interesting articles about grammar and style, particularly how they relate to PR. Or, the site might be less of a blog and more of a resource library, as I kind of doubt people will be super eager to subscribe to/comment on a grammar blog (“Great post! I love apostrophes, too!”).

Do you read any great, grammar- or style-focused blogs? Let me know! I’m looking to expand my reading list so a) I can learn more and b) I can share some great resources with my fellow AHPRers.

Also, if you know of any single blog posts that offer some grammar insight or talk about PR writing (like this post from Peppercom’s RepMan blog), I’d really appreciate the link. This goes for grammar-related Twitter accounts, too.

Once the blog/site gets off the ground, I’ll share the link – thanks for your help!

5 thoughts on “Where Are All the Grammar Nerds?

  1. Kelsey says:

    Paige, your posts are always so great and entertaining! Good grammar is important to me too (it’s on my make-or-break list for my future husband) so I’m excited to read your grammar blog!

    Also, you can follow Leigh Anne Jasheway (@writegrammar) on Twitter for quippy and helpful grammar tweets. She posts periodically throughout the school year.

  2. kylesevertson says:

    I really wish I was better with grammar. I think writing is really cool I just shouldn’t do it for a living!!! (see blog for example) I just ramble there is no form it would probably drive you nuts!

  3. Darrell Robinson says:

    Friday’s Oregonian, A&E section, page 18: review of the book THE GREAT TYPO HUNT. Authors will be in Beaverton (Borders on Cedar Hills) @ 7 Friday Sept. 17.

  4. livlee1 says:

    As a student, I proofread each of my papers at least ten times checking for proper grammar and spelling even though I could have stopped after three. I was scared of making a stupid spelling error (I don’t trust spellcheck for everything) or bad punctuation. I’m happy to hear there is someone else out there that feels that grammar is important! 🙂 🙂

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