At Least One “Late Night” Host Survives LA

Did you watch the Emmys?

What was your favorite part? Did one of your favorite actors or shows take home an award? What did you think of Jimmy Fallon as host? (His homage to Conan O’Brien made me laugh: “NBC asking the host of ‘Late Night’ to come to Los Angeles and host another show. What could possibly go wrong?”)

Jane Lynch as Sue Sylvester, wearing her signature track suit.

I loved comedian John Hodgman’s (“The PC” from the Mac ads) little voiceovers that played while winners walked to the stage. Rather than the typical, “this is so-and-so’s eighth nomination and fifth win,” he added some background about the person that was informative and often hilarious.

My two favorites:

For Jane Lynch, who won Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for her role as cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester on Glee: “Jane Lynch’s character on Glee has created over 62,000 jobs in the polyester track suit industry.”

For Jim Parsons, who won Best Actor in a Comedy Series for his role as the nerdy Sheldon on Big Bang Theory: “As Jim Parsons walks to the stage now, nerds across America are taking to the streets in joy.” (There was also something about nerds and inhalers, which was hilarious, but I couldn’t catch it.)

The evening’s great triumph was this song-and-dance video that opened the show:

It’s unfortunate that the talentless Kate Gosselin was allowed to star alongside legitimate celebrities like Tina Fey and Jane Lynch, but the number was inspired. (And even though I don’t watch Project Runway, I loved Tim Gunn’s cameo.)

So, what did you think of this year’s awards? And who else got excited when Jane Krakowski talked about the live episode of 30 Rock that will air on October 14th? Let me know!

(And if you didn’t watch, you can read this recap from TIME magazine’s TV critic, James Poniewozik. Since his writing is fantastic and he once replied to one of my tweets, I feel obligated to share his Emmys wrap-up.)

2 thoughts on “At Least One “Late Night” Host Survives LA

  1. Darrell Robinson says:

    Yes we watched & enjoyed. Show was pretty irreverent for an awards show, which made it easy to watch. Best parts for us was all the awards for Temple Grandin – a movie & person that’s very inspiring. Also glad to see Kyra Sedgwick’s win for The Closer.

    • Paige Landsem says:

      Glad you enjoyed it, Darrell. Jimmy Fallon can do no wrong in my eyes, so I liked watching him host. I’ll have to check out Temple Grandin – I honestly hadn’t heard of it until Sunday night but since it won so big I want to watch it. I was glad to see Eric Stonestreet from Modern Family win for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy – that show is hilarious, and he’s obviously the best part of it.

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