It Pays to Embrace the Moment

Nearly every time I’ve talked to my dad on the phone since I’ve been in New York, he’s told me one thing: “Embrace it.”

I am not great at savoring the moment. School and/or work tend to consume me. My thought process is, I don’t have time to have fun. I’ve got to get this assignment done, or start this project, or look over this paper.

But, since I get to spend ten weeks living in New York City, I must get better at embracing the moment. Ten weeks will be over before I know it and I’ve got to take advantage of every opportunity.

If I do say so myself, I did a pretty good job of embracing the moment this weekend. While I planned to go for a walk and read a book in Central Park, I abandoned that plan when I walked by Radio City Music Hall and decided to stand in the rain and watch celebrities enter the Tony Awards on the red carpet.

The show started at 8 pm, but by 4 pm there was already quite a crowd lined up across the street from Radio City, waiting for their chance to see the stars. Since it was pouring at this point, I abandoned my hopes of a nice walk, bought a pretzel (I may be enjoying myself, but I never said I was gourmet) and joined the citizen paparazzi.

I’m not going to say it was the greatest moment of my life, although it might have been if Tina Fey had been there, but it was pretty dang cool. I got to see Denzel Washington, Helen Mirren, Will Smith, Cate Blanchett, all the members of Green Day, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Christopher Walken, Angela Lansbury, Stanley Tucci and several others. (And it took some willpower to keep from yelling, “Yes, THE Bruce Dickinson!” when Christopher Walken passed us.)

Since my camera was going a bit crazy, it was easier for me to take video of those on the red carpet than it was for me to take still photos. For your enjoyment:

Hopefully, I’ll have more chances to change my plans and embrace the moment this summer. It probably won’t lead to me seeing a bunch of celebrities walk right by, but who knows?

Have you ever had a similar experience? Have you ever suddenly “embraced the moment” and have it pay off in ways that were really beneficial for you, or just really fun?

7 thoughts on “It Pays to Embrace the Moment

  1. Kimberly Landsem says:

    Here’s my experience: I brought home a little baby who almost died of whooping cough, and I decided I’d better embrace being her mother since I’d almost lost her. So I read her books, took her to tap lessons, watched her run laps on the school track and, almost twenty years later, she’s on her own in NYC!

  2. Darrell says:

    Hard to top that one, Kim!

    Here’s mine:

    Mom & I, headed for Montana, got lost in Weiser, Idaho. About the time I realized we were going the wrong way, we saw old Engine 4449 coming towards us at full boil. Never would have seen her without the wrong turn.

    • Paige Landsem says:


      I will admit to having to look up Engine 4449 on Wikipedia, but now that I know what it is…that’s awesome! Exactly what I was talking about. Thanks for reading my blog.

  3. Laura Groshong says:

    My experience: I was gifted with a daughter who experiences Down Syndrome. I have embraced a slower pace, a simpler perspective, small joys, and a deeper understanding of each individual’s significance here on earth.

  4. colleen kargel says:

    hope you ARE having fun cant wait to hear all about it hoping to get your blog ok never done it before

    love renee and colleen

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