NYC: The First Two Days

A week ago, I was cramming for finals. Now, I’m staring out at a bunch of tall buildings in New York.

The last few days have been crazy to say the least. On Friday morning, I officially finished my sophomore year of college. That was enough to make it a pretty cool day, but later that night my dad and I hopped on a redeye from PDX to JFK and arrived in New York City on Sunday morning.

Armed with coffee (thank you, Dunkin’ Donuts), we hopped in a cab and rode into the city. The New York skyline is breathtaking and I couldn’t wait to see it. Even thought I’ve seen it before, this was the best time; everything looked so HUGE. Well, obviously, it is huge, but you get the idea.

I took this picture from the back of our cab. The Empire State Building is in the distance.

As I stared at it, it began to sink in that I was actually going to be living there for ten weeks. Of course, I’ve known this since April, so you’d think it would have sunk in earlier, but seeing the city for the first time really made it seem real.

After some stealth backing-up-in-the-middle-of-the-street maneuvers by our cab driver, we arrived at the dorm where I’ll be staying this summer. We did a bit of unpacking and then headed out to test-run my walk to work and grab a few things at Bed, Bath and Beyond. To get a sense of a trip to BB&B in a big city, just imagine my father and I trekking up several blocks with massive plastic bags in our arms, hangers and small ironing boards poking out at all angles.

The view from my dorm room, on the 21st floor of the building.

We also had a delicious deli sandwiches for lunch from a small deli/grocery in Manhattan’s Murray Hill neighborhood. Those sandwiches totally validated Liz Lemon’s worldview: “All of humankind has one thing in common: the sandwich. I believe that all anybody really wants in this life is to sit in peace and eat a sandwich.”

And yes, it’s dorky, but I made my dad pose with the AWESOME cart escalator at Bed, Bath and Beyond. Because it has three floors and you can’t take a cart with you up the escalator, they had a little contraption that took your cart up on its own. These are probably commonplace for New Yorkers, but I was amazed.

My dad, on the human escalator, poses with our cart on the cart escalator.

That evening, we saw West Side Story at the Palace Theater on Broadway, which was fantastic. We also walked around the Rockefeller Plaza. And even though it’s not a great picture, this is me in front of the entrance to 30 Rock (aka, where Liz Lemon walks into work every morning).

This picture is a bit washed out, but this is where Liz Lemon goes to work! This is where Kenneth held his page strike! This is where the opening shots of 30 Rock are filmed!

Still with me? Thank you. I’m getting pretty excited.

This morning I began my internship at Rodale, Inc., a publishing firm that publishes health and wellness titles like Prevention, Men’s/Women’s Health and Runner’s World. I’m one of their corporate communications interns this summer, which will allow me to use and expand my public relations skills.

The very front of the Rodale office on 3rd Avenue. I'm on the 9th floor.

I was nervous about starting because I haven’t had much real-world PR experience and the work I’ve done is more agency based (if you don’t know anything about public relations, it’s alright. I appreciate that you’re still reading, 528 words in.) This summer, I’ll be working with the PR teams for three magazine titles: Bicycling, Runner’s World and Organic Gardening.

With the Tour de France starting soon, Bicycling will have a lot on their plates. I don’t know what I’m going to do every single day this summer, but so far I’ve been working on learning how to use Cision, a public relations tracking/monitoring software, getting acquainted with what topics those three titles typically cover and learning how they typically pitch media and organize their work.

The public relations staff worked with at Rodale has been supportive and helpful! It’s been a great environment and I’m excited for the coming days. One thing I discovered is that I won’t really be around the other interns. There are interns working in many different departments, so we’re spread out throughout the building. Another corporate communications intern will be starting next Monday, so I’m looking forward to having another PR person with me!

I was excited to find out that I get my very own cubicle, complete with my own work e-mail and phone extension. I have thumbtacks, Post-It notes and filing cabinets. So far today, I walked past my own cube roughly five or six times, twice got lost trying to find the bathroom twice and came home with 13 magazines to peruse and learn more about.

I'm hoping to get a wider shot (wow, this is like the fifth picture where I apologize for my amateur photography skills), but this is my cubicle at Rodale!

Okay, I know that was long. Thank you for reading to the end. (Mom, I know that probably just means you.) I promise the rest of my posts won’t be so wordy…but hey, you probably only spend summer in New York once.

Thanks again for reading and feel free to leave a comment! I’d love to hear from you.

9 thoughts on “NYC: The First Two Days

  1. Kimberly Landsem says:

    Yes, I did read it all. Like the cubicle and apparently you get your directional skills from me.

  2. April Kuther says:

    I read the whole thing Paige and must say thanks for the tour of NYC. Wish I could come see you, I have never been. I hope your intern ship is fun and you learn a bit too! I may need to sign up for Runner’s World now that I am a runner and that you work for the mag. Have a great time and keep us posted about your adventures.

    BTW- Love 30 Rock!

  3. miranda lee says:

    oomg you seriously are one freaking awesome girl. YOU’RE LIVING THE LIFE! I can’t think of anyone else that can make me jealous of their cubicle. Only you, Paige, Only You.

  4. Amanda Kate says:

    I read to the end as well! Sounds amazing! I am so proud of you Paige. I also appreciate that you got lost because that is something I do daily. Today at work I forgot how to transfer calls, so I appreciate you sharing your flaws. I feel less alone. Luckily I was talking to a nice english man you understood I was struggling and waited patiently for me to figure it out and ended our convo with a friendly “cheerio”.

    As you can see, I do not have as much excitement in my life. So, I hope you do not mind me stalking your blog and living vicariously through you. I miss you though!!!

    Enjoy your time! I want every detail!

  5. Emily says:


    I’m so excited for you! Congrats again on getting this wonderful internship! You are going to have such a blast and learn so much. I wish I was spending the summer with you in NYC.

    You are going to be great at real-world PR, you were amazing in AHPR so there’s nothing to worry about. Enjoy every day, it’s going to go by so fast. My desk has been covered in Post-It notes of messages to my self and I almost filled an entire notebook! Isn’t having your own work e-mail and phone extension fun! The simple things in life are really the things that make a difference! You will love Cision, it’s a gift from God I’m pretty sure. It will become your best friend! Let me know if you have any questions! After almost three months of using it, I’m still learning! I’m just SOO excited for you!

    Good luck with everything! I can’t wait to hear more and follow your adventure!

    Take care,

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