Inspiration (Or, Why I Only Post on Mondays)

For you, what is the hardest part of blogging? Finding the time? Finding something to say? Writing?

I am interested in hearing your thoughts because for me, the hardest part is the intersection between finding inspiration and actually writing the post.

Often, I’ll find a cool article, insightful blog post or entertaining tweet that inspires me to write. But as soon as inspiration strikes, so do the feelings of “Oh, someone’s already written that” or “That will really create nothing of value” start to creep in.

There’s also the time factor. As much as I’d love to be a full-time blogger who just surfs the web and writes about general awesomeness five days a week, I have school and two internships that also fight for my time. I’ve found that the vast majority of my posts come on Monday or Tuesday, because I only find quality blog-writing time on the weekends.

I know everyone has similar time constraints. How do you deal with that? Do you write furiously on the weekends and then post throughout the week? Can you do that but still offer relevant content?

I am so impressed with bloggers who have successfully participated in the 28 Days of Blogging challenge that Scott Bishop started. Not only have I appreciated their commitment to blogging, but I’ve also been inspired by their ability to produce interesting, insightful posts day after day. After reading some excellent posts from Colby Gergen’s “College | Caffeinated” blog and Leia Ferrari’s “A Work in Progress,” I’ve decided to try for two posts a week (for now). If I want to make my blog a place where valuable content, opinions and thoughts are shared, I’ve got to start committing.

It’s not all about my commitment, though. I’d love to hear your thoughts on blogging inspiration. What inspires you? What keeps your blog posts fresh?

2 thoughts on “Inspiration (Or, Why I Only Post on Mondays)

  1. jasmollica says:


    I find inspiration for blogging from everywhere. It may be something I read, a quote I hear or something a family member says. I try not to discount anything.
    That being said, I just don’t blog to blog. It’s a creative outlet for me, but I want it to be meaningful. Therefore, if I only have two blog posts for a week, I want it to be something that people discuss for a few days.
    I am, by no means, a blog expert. However, I enjoy it and try to figure out what will keep people coming back.
    One other thing, it helps when the place you work for allows you to blog. If you can work it into your job, you may find it helpful.
    Great post!

  2. key4387 says:


    I too feel like anything I have to say has already been said. So I try to remember that sometimes a post can just be cathartic. And I get inspiration largely from what I learn in school… especially when I get those rare moments of “Oh! That connects with this from that class!”

    I think 2 posts a week is completely obtainable. If you write them mostly over the weekends, just keep them as drafts til Thursday. This will give you more time to think about what you’re saying and spread your posts out as well.

    Good Luck! Kira : )

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