Less Doubt, More Do

After almost a year of experimenting with blogging, I’m still struggling to figure out what I want readers (and myself) to get out of the experience.

At first, my goal was to say insightful things and get loads of page views and comments. I started blogging because I thought it was my duty as a journalism student and because it seemed like all of the social media/PR “cool kids” were doing it.

Yesterday, I read this fantastic post by Matt Cheuvront from his blog “Life Without Pants.” He gave several tips for hesitant bloggers, and even though they were more geared towards those who had never blogged before, his points helped change my perspective.

In summary, he said (and I’m quoting him here):

  • You don’t have to focus on one topic.
  • You don’t have to be a great writer.
  • You do have to invest (some) time into it.
  • You have to make it past the three-month milestone.
  • Stop doubting and start doing.

The first and last are especially difficult. A lot of really successful blogs are devoted to one general topic: social media, television, sports. It’s hard to narrow down a focus because I have lots of interests and opinions.

But now I’m taking Matt’s advice. I’m going to stop doubting and start doing.

It may take time to find my niche, but I have to break away from believing that my worth as a blogger is defined by my page views, comments and ability to be super-smart about one topic. I must start understanding that my blog can evolve with my interests.

What about your blog? What’s your motivation? What’s your focus? How have you evolved as a blogger in the time since starting your blog?

*Note: Sydney Owen, a blogger who works in PR (and is also a fun person to follow on Twitter), wrote a great follow-up to Matt Cheuvront’s post. She talks about her experience as someone who does PR for a living but not necessarily a blog topic and how it’s important to write about your passions. Great thoughts all around.

Almost forgot: You can follow Matt Cheuvront on Twitter here.

2 thoughts on “Less Doubt, More Do

  1. Matt Cheuvront says:

    Thanks so much for the shout out here Paige. It’s great to hear that your motivation has been rekindled – and I know that I speak for both Sydney and I when I say we were happy to give you a nudge in the right direction.

    The bottom line, which you clearly understand, is that you don’t have to become overly focused, you just have to love writing, the rest will define itself as you go.

    Thanks again, looking forward to reading more from you! 🙂

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