Preparing for War

After a weekend full of turkey, pumpkin pie and multiple viewings of the “I Love My Ducks” video, I was ready to get back on campus and be a part of the Civil War excitement.  After spending the weekend with my father, an Oregon State graduate, it is nice to be back in a less hostile environment.

It seems like everyone and everything on campus is thankful for “I Love My Ducks.”  Take, for example, the UO Career Center, the Duck Store, and UO Student Services.  I’m sure they’re glad that the video dropped advertising slogans right into their laps.  Check out the ads they published on the back page of the Oregon Daily Emerald today:

The hype is building all over campus as we prepare for the Civil War.  Tomorrow, free “Beat OSU” t-shirts are being distributed.  ESPN will be here on Thursday (and hoping that, by the grace of God and the power of Twitter, I get to meet Chris Fowler).  By Friday, well, I don’t want to jinx anything, but I hope to be preparing for a Christmas break trip to Pasadena.

But whether or not we win, we still love our Ducks.

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