Side Dishes for your Thanksgiving Dinner

It’s basically Friday, which means it’s a slow day on the blog; most people have already checked out of their responsibilities and are on their way to some exotic locales to spend time with family.

However, there are a couple of fantastic items that came my way last night that I wanted to share with you all.  So, rather than a substantial blog post, please enjoy these two “side dishes.”

Side Dish #1: The Song

Last week, I wrote a post declaring my love for the “I Love My Ducks” video that a group of University of Oregon students created.  It was pulled from YouTube because they featured Puddles the Duck, our mascot; Puddles is licensed by Disney and some people over at the athletic department worried they’d get in trouble.  That situation aside, you can now download an mp3 of the song featured in the video.  If you have a long drive ahead of you this Thanksgiving, don’t listen to the radio.  Listen to these guys profess their love for the Ducks by rhyming “Legos” with “eggos” and saying that Jeremiah Masoli is “sicker than E-coli.”  Check it out here.

Side Dish #2: The Break-Up Letter

A friend from my journalism class sent me this from USC’s student paper, The Daily Trojan.  It’s the Pac-10’s break-up letter to USC.  “We’ve been inseparable for what seems like forever. Whenever somebody mentioned “Pac-10,” they couldn’t help but bring up ‘USC,'” the letter says.  “…After what happened with Oregon, well, I just don’t know where we stand.”  Great piece of writing, even if it did come from USC.

That’s it.  Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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