Thought About Your Christmas List?

You know it’s time to get thinking about a Christmas list when you see e-mail messages like these waiting for you:

The first is from my mom’s mom:

Are you working on a Christmas stocking and gift list? You better be………you don’t want to find coal in your stocking do ya? lol,lol,lol

And then there’s this from my dad’s parents:

Grandma and I are open for gift ideas—gift Cards, Cash, or Candy Canes.

Regardless of the fact that my grandma used “LOL” in an e-mail, I think it’s still pretty awesome that: 1) my grandparents care enough to solicit requests, rather than just assume I’d like a knitted sweater with a bird on the front, and 2) that my grandparets solicit these requests via e-mail, and not through snail mail or a phone call.  They are, more or less, hip with the times.

I’ve been thinking about potential Christmas gifts (hey, they asked), and all I’ve thought about is all three seasons of 30 Rock on DVD.  My mom should go for that, because that would mean I’d stop stealing hers.

The other item that has really been on my mind is The Grammar Devotional.

From what I have gathered, it’s a daily “devotional” book, but instead of encouraging messages or scriptures, it gives you daily grammar and writing tips.  My mom told my aunt about the book as a gift idea for me: “Yes, Paige really asked for this,” she said.  (Image from the Boulder Bookstore website.)

While flipping through the pages of the most recent issue of New York magazine, which includes their annual “Gift Guide,” I found this gem:

It’s the New York Times Jigsaw Puzzle.  You can pick any New York Times cover page since 1888 to be made into a jigsaw puzzle (the picture came from the site online where you can purchase the puzzle):

Also in New York, I found an advertisement for a brand-new product that I’m sure will be sweeping the nation soon.  The “Snoodie.”  Behold:

This is somewhat unbelievable to me.  Considering they’re currently confined to a quarter-page ad on page 132 of New York, I don’t think Snoodies have hit the Snuggie’s level of popularity, but I’m still bracing for their impact.

There’s only one month left until Christmas Eve: what’s on your Christmas list this year?  I’d love to hear your ideas.  It might spark some inspiration for me and other gift-buyers.  If you haven’t thought about it, get going.  My grandma might e-mail you if you don’t.  LOL.

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