Tim Tebow Wishes His Uniform Had Wings

After discovering that ESPN’s College GameDay was coming to Eugene on Halloween, I figured I had to go.  Despite the fact that I didn’t get a ticket to the game (see the previous post), I really wanted to go see GameDay live, mostly because I’ve enjoyed watching the show in the past and wanted to see Lee Corso put on the Oregon Duck head in person.  (Nice prediction, Lee.  USC who?  The Ducks are now #8 in the nation.)

So, my friend and I entered the line around 3:30 on Saturday morning.  There were already a couple hundred people in line.  One guy behind us was an impeccable Chip Kelly impersonator, and another held a sign that said, “Kirk Herbstreit is my dad.”  Not really sure what that is supposed to imply, but it was funny.  A girl in line was holding a cup of 7-11 coffee, and as I made small talk with her, she revealed that the cup did not hold coffee, but peppermint schnapps.

We stood in line for a couple hours before being allowed into the area where the show would be taped.  My friend and I didn’t make it into the main “pit” of people who would get the most TV time, but we still had a great view of the show’s hosts and the screen they put up that showed GameDay as it was on TV.

A view of the big screen:


A sampling of the fan-made signs: (The best one read: Trojans: Welcome to Autzen Stadium, your next stop on the way to the Holiday Bowl.  The title of this post is also taken from a fan’s sign.)


I don’t know exactly what it was, but something about going to the show made me fall in love with football.  Especially college football.  I’ll be reading up on my football this week and have already blocked out time to watch next week’s College GameDay.

That said, since I am somewhat of a newbie at this football thing, I’d love your input about WHERE to get my football information.  What blogs do you read, shows do you watch, podcasts do you listen to?  I’d love to hear any and all of your suggestions.  Thanks for helping me feed my new obsession.

One thought on “Tim Tebow Wishes His Uniform Had Wings

  1. Jordan Nelson says:

    Paige, I’m glad you are a bigger fan of college football. Now my goal is to make you fall in love with college basketball.

    P.S. Our spontaneous party pre-planning needs to happen soon.

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