Voicing a Frustration

Okay, University of Oregon.  Now that I am well adjusted to the school routine for this year, it’s time to write a blog post.  To you.

Please revamp the student football ticket distribution system.

Is it too much to ask to divide the distribution up by class, like you did last year?  This season, we all log on at once, each of us dutifully sitting at the computer once 6 pm rolls around.  All 16,000 or so of us.  Last year was much simpler: freshmen at 10, sophomores at noon, and so on…

Now, some of us who actually appreciate football and understand the importance of this game will be left at home.  Many who have no idea what “quarterback” even means will be sitting in the bleachers.  This is not to say that every student who did get a ticket cares nothing about football: quite the opposite.  But many of us who really do care have been to far fewer games this year than we did last year.  Something’s up.

I don’t want to sound extremely bitter.  I’m not too bitter.  Just frustrated: who thought having the entire student body log on to get tickets at the same time would be a good idea?  Who thought the server could handle that?  Who thought the seniors would be happy about losing their final opportunity to see a huge Pac-10 rival?

Life isn’t fair, and I understand that.  But, I wish you would consider changing the system: even people who did manage to get tickets still think something needs to happen.

I’m not here to offer you grand solutions to your problem (my mom suggested tying the opportunity to receive tickets to your GPA).  But, I am here to let you know that a lot of students are upset.  I’m one of them.

We’ll still be cheering for the Ducks this Saturday.  We’ll still stand outside on Saturday morning and wait to see Lee Corso don the Duck head.  But we won’t be happy about it.  We won’t be feeling appreciated as fans.  We won’t be eager to try and get tickets the next time; if the server has stopped working the last two times, why am I to believe its even worth it to try again?  If the University doesn’t want dedicated fans in the stands, why should I be a fan?

That’s all I have to say.  It’s not much, but maybe it will get the UO thinking: how do we put the most dedicated fans in the stands?  I’m probably not going to be fan of the year, but I’ll always tell stories about I got to see the Ducks crush the Trojans on Halloween.  I’ll be grateful to have been a Duck.

Frustrations aside, I’m still pretty excited about the fact that ESPN’s College GameDay is going to be at Autzen on Saturday.  I’ll be the one waving the sign that says something to the effect of “Change the Ticket System.”  Hopefully I’ll come up with something cleverer than that before Saturday.

The plan now is to camp out on Friday night in order ensure a semi-decent spot to view GameDay (ESPN will let me watch quality entertainment without the hassle of an online ticket distributor), but I’m sure I’ll wimp out later this week.  If all goes as planned, I’ll be seeing a scene similar to this one on Saturday:

May we be as loud about changing our ticket distribution policy as we are about winning a football game.

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