Boomer and Steve

Have you ever come across anything totally strange and absurd?  Something that made you double-take?  I’m sure the answer is yes (and if you have any humorous ones, please share).  A prime example would be this photo:


One of the most influential musicians of the last fifty years paired with a bubblegum-pop boy band?  What?

That is how I felt when I saw Boomer Esiason as a judge on the Food Network’s “Iron Chef” last night.  What?  Is he selling out?  Just having fun?

This is obviously not earth-shattering news, but just something I found confusing/amusing.  As if seeing one of my musical heroes paired with a barely tolerable band isn’t enough, I have to see Boomer on the Food Network.  It’s weird seeing a football player/analyst discussing the texture and taste of pig brains (seriously).

“Iron Chef” judges always seem so holier-than-thou, discussing the blending of different flavors and rattling off the names of strange ingredients, so it surprised me to see Boomer talking the gourmet language.

At present, there is no image to accompany Boomer’s Food Network appearance, but I’m on the lookout.

On a more relevant note, iTunes 9 has been downloaded on this here MacBook.  And it’s pretty dang awesome.  Steve Jobs has done it again.

The “Genius” feature in iTunes 8 was pretty cool, but I never became a regular user.  However, iTunes 9 gives us “Genius Mixes.”  With Mixes, iTunes generates groups of mixes that are basically personal Pandora channels.  It presents you with twelve channels of music that are grouped together based on genre, artist, etc.

As I write, I’m listening to the “Rock” channel (actually, 6 of the channels were dubbed “Rock”: Rock, Rock 2, etc., but they’re all unique).  If you like Pandora, you’ll like Genius Mixes.  Right now, I’d even say I like it better, because I’m more familiar with all of the songs and I can skip as many as I like.

Plus, it just looks cool:

iTunes Mixes

At the time of this screen cap, I was enjoying the R&B/Soul Mix; feeding my Motown obsession.

Have you downloaded iTunes 9?  What do you think of the changes?  (There are also some new features regarding shared libraries and iTunes store layout.)  Also, if you’ve tried the Genius Mixes feature, I’d be interested in hearing about what mixes it generated for you and whether or not you enjoyed those mixes.

Thanks, Steve Jobs.

Also, as you already know, it’s September 11.  One of those days that’s permanently burned on your brain, one of those days that becomes one of the defining moments in a nation’s history.  I’d like to take this space to honor those who lost their lives on that day, and to thank those who work to preserve our freedom today.  I’ll know I’ll never understand the depth of your sacrifice, so thank you.

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