Mess of Me

Recently, my family has been making fun of me for my frequent use of Twitter.  They do not understand the power and influence of Twitter; by reading the tweets of people I follow, I get a sense of what interesting and obscure things are happening in the world, I gain insight into the lives of other people, I receive updates on my favorite sports teams, etc.  They’ll come around, but for now they just think I’m weird.

And while I do check Twitter several times a day on my laptop and from my phone, I would not call myself “obsessed.”  Except for now.  Maybe.

Switchfoot, my favorite band of all time, is releasing a new album in November.  It’s called “Hello Hurricane,” and the first single is “Mess of Me.”  Switchfoot (which has a twitter account and uses it frequently) is hiding copies of the single all around the world and tweeting about their locations.  The idea is that whoever finds it will subsequently hide more copies.

Take it from lead singer Jon Foreman:

#messofme (our new tune), is hidden all around the globe. If you find one, burn it and hide it somewhere else! enjoy, jon

29 minutes ago from web

However, the single has yet to reach Portland, where I am.  Or if it has, I have no knowledge of it.  They’ve updated several times today with the location of copies of the single.  A couple of sample tweets:

Logan, UT #messofme will be on a bench outside the card/ticket office inside the tsc @ USU in about 45 min.10 minutes ago from web

Boca Raton, FL #messofme At the Publix on Palmetto Park Rd and Oriole Country Rd. Go in and ask for Rachel!1 minute ago from web

Pretty cool, huh?  I think so.  I think it’s a pretty great way to spread the news about a new album and maintain a strong, loyal fanbase online.  More and more musicians (and not just musicians; people in general) are using Twitter in unique ways.  If you have any examples, I’d be interested to see who it was and how they used Twitter.  It seems like something new and amazing comes along every day.

Hopefully they’ll send a copy Portland’s way, but even if they don’t, they gave me a pretty good reason to spend some time on Twitter.

Oh, and speaking of musicians and Twitter, I found one of my all-time favorite tweets last night.  It came from John Mayer:

I used to be the little engine that could. Now I’m the big engine that better. #adulthood

Sigh.  So true.  The end of summer is upon us, and so are reminders of how I have to find a job, think about algebra, and make sure I’m taking all the right classes.  Goodbye, summer…hello, responsibility.

But in November…Hello Hurricane!

Check out Switchfoot’s twitter feed here and John Mayer’s here.

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