Janis + Wikipedia = Editorial Review

This clip from 30 Rock pretty much sums up why Wikipedia is adding an extra layer of “editorial review” to its articles on living people.  I know Janis Joplin is dead, but you get the idea. (Sorry for the poor video quality; it was the only one I could find):

This New York Times article provides a good summary of Wikipedia’s proposed changes. I think this is a great idea. People go to Wikipedia expecting credible information.  Hopefully infrequent, less-established contributors will be willing to sacrifice their right to the “final say” in an entry so that the general public receives the most factual article.

I’ve never actually contributed to any Wikipedia articles, so I’ve never personally experienced the satisfaction of knowing I’ve supplied the public with valuable information.  Have you ever contributed to a Wikipedia article?  What do you think of the idea?

Also, one non-Wikipedia related thought: if you’re on Twitter and live in the Portland area (or even if you don’t), check out @PDXfoodcarts.  They tweet about the numerous unique food cart offerings around the city, and for someone who loves local flavor, I love seeing sweet uses of social media like this one.  If you know of a similar Twitter account in your area, I’d love to hear about it.

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